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Many people do not like to accentuate the colour, but we have fallen head over heels in love with the elegance and the beautiful and graceful look of the English Cream Miniature Long Haired Dachshund.  The information contained on this page is to help educate families searching for their new family member, on the temperament and qualities of the English Cream Miniature Dachshunds as we see them. 

Cream Dachshunds are Royal with a stunning beauty and an amazingly sweet personality.  Possibly one of the most beautiful dogs ever produced.  A Cream Dachshund generally has long flowing, lovely blonde hair.   It is so soft it feels silky.  Anyone that has spent any time with a cream dachshund will tell you that looks are not the only special quality about them.  They possibly have the best temperament of all the types.  English Cream Long Haired Dachshunds are typically very gentle and docile dogs. They are quick to play, but quick to rest.  English Creams almost always have a significant line of champions and imported dogs in their pedigree.  Making them very well bred to say the least!  Their body structure and head structure are elegant and close to perfection.  Most creams are from English descent, hence the term "English Cream Dachshund".  True English creams trace back to British imports, which are shown within our pedigrees.

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True English Cream is the result of a dominant red or recessive red dachshund with two alleles for Chinchilla Dilution. In the case of dominant red dachshunds, true English cream puppies are born very dark in color. They look solid black when they are newborns. Over the course of the first 6 or 8 weeks, the true cream color emerges from the undercoat, slowly overtaking the initial black coat. The older the puppies get the lighter in color they become. Some may lose most of their black overlay, and are accurately called "English cream". Others may retain a great deal of their black overlay, and are often called "shaded English cream". In the case of the recessive red dachshunds, true English cream puppies are born very light in color. They are a beautiful golden buff color. The lack of a black overlay is caused by the recessive red alleles, which prevent any black pigment from showing in the dachshund's coat. The older the puppies get the lighter in color they become. These solid golden buff dachshunds are called "clear English cream". All true English cream dachshunds are longhaired, and have a black nose and either black or self colored nails.  We may breed with these English Creams to produce some amazing light red or red dachshunds. 

English Cream Miniature Long Haired Dachshund

Please understand our primary focus is always to produce a sound miniature dachshund worthy of the show ring or as a future breeding prospect.  We sometimes breed our English Creams with Reds, therefore Pups can range in colour from light blonde to dark blonde to a hint of red to red, depending on the parents and their pedigrees.



Black and English Cream- These creams are absolutely stunning,  black with cream points and can be produced by two Solid cream parents or two black/cream parents or a mixture of the two.  They have an absolutely beautiful contrast between their dark coats and light creamy points!

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